Nipissing Serenity Hospice (NSH) has received significant feedback over the past weeks from community members with varying perspectives on our End of Life Statement.
This 30-minute video is an important resource in understanding the End of Life Statement at NSH. Vivian Papaiz, Board Chair, will answer some of the frequently asked questions outlined below.
  • How did the Board make the decision to not allow MAiD in hospice?
  • Why did the Board change its previous motion?
  • Does the hospice oppose MAiD?
  • Are you open to a dialogue with the NELHIN, MOH and the community?
  • Is there a need for MAiD when quality palliative care is available?
  • What is the likelihood that MAiD would be requested?
  • What happens if someone requests MAiD in hospice?
  • Who is best equipped to administer the MAiD procedure?
  • Why is the integrity of hospice palliative care so important to the Board of Directors?
  • Will the negative publicity affect donations?
  • Why does the community need a hospice?
  • Who is responsible for the success of the hospice?
Our intention is to help our community understand how the MAiD procedure fits into the hospice palliative care offered at NSH and in hospices across our province.
If you are uncertain about your support for our hospice due to our End of Life Statement or you would like to better understand our position on the MAiD procedure, we strongly encourage you to take the time to watch this video. Afterwards, please reach out and book an appointment to come and tour our community hospice.
We welcome you anytime and believe in working together to have the best palliative care facility in our region.
Just as we welcome your feedback, we wish you our heartfelt gratitude for taking the time to understand our palliative care services.
Nipissing Serenity Hospice
Board of Directors