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"The hospice was very clean, comfortable, and peaceful; very friendly, thoughtful and caring.  (They were) very attentive to mom; beautiful spot & excellent care.  (They) also provided (for) our spiritual needs and called Father Francis to give mom last rites.  Staff could not do enough for me and my sister.  Thank you!"



"I would recommend anyone to the hospice; we had the most people caring for us.  Thank you (from) the bottom of our hearts."

~Pierette L. and Children


"Everything was first class all the way including the physical facilities and building, staff, level and quality of care.  Could not imagine it being any better, period. My best expectations were exceeded; words cannot express my gratitude for all the hospice has done for my dad and I.  I will continue to tell the world about all of this and to promote the hospice."

~Bill H.


"This place is so tranquil, you feel the love and care from the staff.  When we leave from there, we don't worry at all, as we know Mom is so well taken care of.  We cannot say enough about (Nipissing) Serenity Hospice.  It's a place that not only takes care of your loved ones but also making sure that the family is also taken care of, how grateful and blessed we are.  We can't thank you enough for all that you do!  You all have become part of our family.  You are all our angels with no wings. As mom and dad would say-love yous all!"

~Denise, Deb, and Rick P.


"Words on paper will never adequately convey the depth of my gratitude, but please know it is deep and overflowing.  You gave my mother the greatest gift during her time of utmost need and vulnerability.  You cared for my mother with love, compassion, kindness, patience, and warmth.  You honored her as a person and treated her with dignity and respect.  You saw past her (disease) and recognized the sweet, elegant, kind and funny woman she was.  From the first day I entered the hospice, I felt surrounded by warmth and enveloped in support.  After caring for my mom for many years by myself, you each picked up the baton.  You allowed me to just be her loving daughter, spending tiem with her, rather than someone who was isolated at home, constantly worrying about my mother's well being and hoping I was doing everything right to keep her healthy, safe and happy.  You will never know what it meant to go home at night and know 100% that mom was in the very best of hands.  It was my honor to meet all of you adn you have enriched my life.  I am better for knowing all of you."

~Shelley K & The K. Family.


"The first time walking into the hospice was scary for me.  We had little to no time after her diagnosis as she (declined) very quickly.  I walked in the doors at the hospice and I felt a warmness and calming I have never felt before; I was greeted by staff with kindness and tenderness and was treated with the utmost respect.  As I walked down the hallway to my mom's room, I was greeted by the (care team) staff with love and care.  Many beautiful smiles greeted me and the feeling for me was overwhelming; I thought for a minute "Am I in paradise?"  The week she spent there, every staff member was helpful and thoughtful.  I experienced many wonderful memories, and the nursing staff treated my mom like a queen,k as she was one, to her family anyways.  The staff was always coming in to check on her, little touches like straightening the bed, propping her up and doing everything to make her final days peaceful.  One thing I remember the most and touched my heart was when one nurse saw me struggling to leave my mom for the evening.  She put her arm around me and said "you go hom and don't worry about your mom; I will take care of her; that's why you brought her here-it's my turn now."  Those words were so powerful and they gave me the strength and security to go home.  Nipissing Serenity Hospice is a p;lace for our loved ones when there's no cure, when comfort and peace is needed and when fear and anxiety is setting in, they will help you, they give you the tools and support to carry one, for the (resident) and the family."

~Giovanna L.


"The moment we walked through the door, we felt our stress diminish.  One can easily feel the respect that the staff shows towards my dad, as a person and as a (resident).  Moreover, they took the time to get to know dad, even though he was here for a short period of time, and was physically unresponsive.  As a PSW said, this is not a job.  We truly care for (your) loved one and the process that the (resident) and the family go through.  All staff, regardless of position, took the time to listen and explain the process.  They listened as we spoke fondly of our dad.  Gratitude does not encompass our feelings toward all that was offered."

~Nina P.


"To complete my husband(s) journey in life, he was placed in Nipissing Serenity Hospice.  There began a bonding with the most caring, compassionalte staff a resident and their family could ever ask for.  The staff always spoke to him before doing any (care) and let him know what they were going to do.  If I was present, they made sure I knew what they were doing.  Even though (he) was nonverbal, they still spoke to him as if he would respond.  They carried on a conversation with him, did not ignore him.  Not only did they take care of (him) they also made sure my needs were looked after.  If I needed anything they were there for me.  They took the time to sit with me and talk about (us).  To listen to what my plans for the future held.  The shared some of their life with you as well.  it was like meeting new friends.  You did not feel that you were with professional caregivers but with friends who were helping you through this difficult time.  The staff at Nipissing Serenity Hospice are professional, personable, caring frontline staff.  They work well as a TEAM.  I cannot say enough about my whole experience with the care (he) got during his stay there.

~Valerie L.


"It was the incredible kindness shown and the conversations.  I wouldn't have been able to do it on my own.  We appreciate the chance to have mom pass in such a caring, beautiful and friendly place.  You are all so compassionate and mom felt safe and loved; I can't thank you all enough.  The hospice is an incredible model of what Palliative Care can-and should-be, and our family felt fortunate to be able to experience it.

~Leanne C., Sue D., and Debbie L.


It has been some time since my Mother passed away - I find myself thinking about our time spent with Nipissing Serenity Hospice and know without a doubt that she and our family were incredibly fortunate to have been able to concentrate on the things that mattered in her final days.

We were blessed to have been connected with Dr. Jinnah from the beginning, she is a very big advocate for the Hospice and walked us through what to expect - She was always available to us, but the most important thing was that she treated my Mother with respect and dignity. She is an incredible human being and I am thankful beyond words that she was there every step.

I can never thank the Hospice enough for the caring and compassionate acts of kindness the entire staff showed to all of us.  The Nurses and Personal Support Workers provided her with the highest quality of care every minute of her stay - They are a wonderful team of people who made my Mom smile many times and to see that, warmed my heart. The feeling of home was something I did not expect, but honestly needed. The Hospice itself is such a warm, calming and comforting space - absolutely beautiful.

Keep up the amazing work you do every single day and know that you have touched so many people's lives - I will never forget the incredible way you treated my Mother along her journey.

~Corry O 


Thank you to the entire staff at the Nipissing Serenity Hospice for making my pepere's last weeks comfortable. It was an immense relief to our family that we could spend time with him in his final days without having the burden of providing care; we could just BE with him. It was also a lot of fun to watch him tease the staff mercilessly. Everyone took it in stride and was so kind and compassionate to him and our family during his stay there. Thank you so much.


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