Strategic Plan

The Nipissing Serenity Hospice/Maison Sérénité du Nipissing (NSH/MSN) Strategic Plan 2023-2026 provides an insightful, proactive and forward-thinking roadmap to help guide our organization into the future. Building on our successes to date, the plan is a true reflection of the commitment we make to providing the highest quality of palliative care in a safe, welcoming and comfortable environment.

The Strategic Plan focuses on four core priority areas that support our organization in building our resources, increasing our capacity, supporting our people and strengthening our foundation to achieve manageable and sustainable growth.



Providing exceptional service and fostering strong leadership are highly correlated. We are
committed to a supportive and inclusive environment. It is at the heart of what we do. Delivering
palliative care programs, services and support that are driven by best practices and informed
by educational and palliative care standards will ensure NSH/MSN remains proactive and on
the forefront of palliative care. We value the contributions of our dedicated management and
staff and support an effective leadership structure that fosters the development of solutions and
policies that are aligned with our mission, vision and core values.

  • Become a Centre of Excellence and a leader within our palliative care network.
  • Continue to offer a diverse suite of programming, supports and services to meet the unique
    needs of all residents and their loved ones.
  • Establish a grief, bereavement and wellness program that meets the needs of our residents,
    their loved ones and staff.
  • Define performance measures for management to ensure accountability, clarity, and support
    for staff to meet and exceed expectations.


Cultivating financial sustainability allows us to continue to provide high-quality programs and
timely services that are integral to supporting the needs of our residents and their loved ones.
Funding and fiscal support is integral to the long-term viability of NSH/MSN and is essential
to our sustainable growth. Our commitment to accountable stewardship, working to increase
awareness of our impact and nurturing relationships with our donors, volunteers, supporters and
funding partners ensures we continue to have a positive, significant and lasting impact.

  • Create a diversified, donor-centric fund development strategy to increase private funding to
    meet operational needs, both short-term and long-term.
  • Establish and activate a Champions Committee to act as ambassadors for the Hospice.
  • Strengthen relationships and increase advocacy with the Ontario Government and its
    funding agencies to ensure long-term financial support.


Our people are one of the fundamental strengths of NSH/MSN. Investing in our staff,
supporting our volunteers and continuing to build our team of professionals ensures we have the
internal resources and capacity needed to operate effectively and meet the increasing demand
for our services and programs. Developing a strong organizational culture is key to building a
positive foundation to achieve sustainable growth.

  • Increase our human resource capacity through hiring and retaining qualified, experienced
    staff to fulfil the specialized operating requirements of the Hospice.
  • Create mechanisms to encourage open, two-way communication with staff and volunteers.
  • Foster a strong workplace culture for staff and volunteers to thrive within.


Open communication builds trust and fosters strong relationships within our community.
Information sharing and ongoing dialogue with healthcare stakeholders will assist in
establishing a robust, integrated and collaborative palliative care network in our region that
is easier to navigate and offers strong continuity of care. Working to increase awareness
of programs, services and the impact of NSH/MSN empowers community members in
identifying, advocating and making informed choices related to end-of-life care that best suits
their wishes and needs.

  • Foster strong relationships through increased communications with healthcare stakeholders
    and their respective organizations.
  • Increase awareness of the Hospice programs and services within the communities we
  • Enhance our online presence to showcase the Hospice, our environment, our team and the
    services available to residents and their loved ones.

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