To All Those Who Wish for a Peaceful Home At the End of our Journey:

Once again I am fundraising for the Nipissing Serenity Hospice. As many of you know, David died on May 20, 2012. During his last 40 days in the hospital all he wanted was to come home to die, but his illness prevented his release. A Hospice would have been the answer, but unfortunately we didn’t have one. I promised him I would search for the powers to be and fund raise for a future Hospice in North Bay.

This is my third fundraiser in two years, and it is my honour to dedicate this event to David, who showed me how to be courageous, accepting, thankful and loving.

This concert will be an amazing event.. the performers are outstanding and the evening will be a delight for all as we listen to several classic and contemporary Christmas songs.

Please join me in spreading the message and buying tickets. North Bay desperately needs a Hospice and with your help we can do it!

If you need any further information, or tickets please call me at 705-472-8146.

Many thanks,

Adele Williams