Updated November 19, 2020


This document serves to notify you of the visitation protocol that has been implemented at Nipissing Serenity Hospice during this present pandemic as it will pertain to your loved following his/her admission to Hospice. These directives are prescribed by Ontario Public Health, the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, and Hospice Palliative Care Ontario.

  • No more than 2 visitors at one time are permitted to visit the resident
  • Visitors from ORANGE or RED zones MUST provide a negative Covid test result obtained within the last 7 days. Repeat Covid testing may be required.
  • 5 visitors will be chosen by resident or family, namely:
    • 1 “primary” visitor, permitted to visit at all times
      • 2 primary visitors (one at a time) will be permitted if the family is staying over-night with the resident to allow them to alternate
  • 4 “essential” visitors, permitted to visit during visiting hours specified below:
    • Monday to Friday 12 noon to 6 p.m.
    • Saturday and Sunday 12 noon to 4 p.m.
    • It is not permitted to interchange (switch) names on the essential visitor list

  • A resident’s young children will be permitted to visit providing that they are accompanied by an adult whose name is on the visitor’s list.
  • All visitors must check-in at the front desk to undergo a screening process which includes a temperature check and answering a series of questions.
  • Visitor’s name must appear on the screener’s visitor’s list.
  • All visitors must be wearing a mask at all times outside of their loved ones room, and when there is nursing staff in the room.
  • All visitors must be practicing social distancing and use of good hand hygiene while at hospice.



Frequently Asked Questions COVID Visitation Protocol

  1. Can we switch out the visitors that are on the list of 5?
  • Answer: No. The visitors that are on the list should be chosen wisely and are the ones that will remain on the list while the resident is at Hospice. Any exceptions to this protocol has to be discussed on an individual basis and approved by management.
  1. Can visitors come before the scheduled visitation hours?
  • Answer: No.  The visiting hours are put in place to help control the flow of traffic at hospice in order to mitigate the risk of transmission of Covid-19 and ensure the ability to contact trace in the event that there is an outbreak.
  1. Can visitors come as a group of 2 and wait somewhere in the Hospice while the other visitors are in the room?
  • Answer: No. It is preferable that visitors come 2 at a time (separately) so that there is nobody waiting at Hospice outside of the room. If this is something that should be done visitors are expected to wait in their car. They are not permitted to wait inside the hospice at any time and again this is to mitigate risk of transmission of Covid-19 and ensure that Hospice can contact trace in the event of an outbreak.
  1. Can we add to the list if there is an empty spot?
  • Answer: No. Again families should choose their visitors wisely and do not necessarily need to fill the spot if they do not have family that is local, and family that would under normal circumstances see the patient on a daily basis (do not try to fill the spot for the sake of filling it with a neighbor for example).
  1. Can visitors be switched out if there are greater than 5 visitors?
  • Answer: No. Families need to choose their visitors wisely, anybody beyond the 5 visitors will be able to visit (one time x 30 minutes) at end-of-life. Any exceptions to this rule will need to be reviewed by management.
  1. Is there ever any time that the 5 visitors (those on the list) can be at the bedside at the same time?
  • Answer: Yes. After your loved one has died all 5 visitors can be at the bedside at the same time for the ceremony of honor which will take place in the room. Staff can choose to wear their masks and shield if they are more comfortable with this. Family members should be wearing masks and staff can distance themselves in the presence of family in the room.
  1. Where can the family go to wait after their loved one has died and the nurses are to perform post mortem care?
  • Answer: The family can go to the family room as a group and wait in the Stockfish Family Room near the front door. Cleaning staff will need to be notified so that the room can be cleaned after the family have returned to the resident’s room. Upon completion of the celebration of Honor it is recommended that family leave Hospice. (Removal of remains will be a private transfer and not done with family present).
  1. Are these permanent visitation protocols?
  • Answer: No. These protocols can change at any time based on the escalation of cases in the City of North Bay.


If you are experiencing symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat), please call your North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit (1-800-563-2808) or Telehealth Ontario (1-866-797-0000).

The best way to prevent infection from any virus, including COVID-19 is to practice hand washing, cover your mouth and/or cough and sneeze into your elbow, and stay home if you are sick.

If you have questions about visiting Nipissing Serenity Hospice please call Gil Pharand Executive Director, at 705-995-3377 ex. 1201. For clinical inquires, please contact, Care Coordinator, Lindsay Campbell, at 705-995-3377 ex. 1202 or via email at info@nipissingserenityhospice.ca


For accurate, up-to-date information about COVID-19, the following links are recommended as credible resources to access: