“I just hope that I’m making a difference in peoples’ lives”.

This is Norma, she has served many years as our volunteer coordinator, and without her, Nipissing Serenity Hospice would not be where it is today! Her enthusiasm and passion for her role has been infectious and has had an enormous impact.

Originally from Brantford, Norma moved to North Bay in 1979 and has been here ever since. The very first time Norma volunteered for the hospice was in 2014 when a dear friend invited her to participate. At that time, Norma wouldn’t have guessed that the hospice would become a huge part of her life and in turn, she will become a huge part of the hospice. In the years leading up to our Grand Opening, Norma led an army of volunteers and rallied the community to support this project.

We’ve asked Norma, what makes her go above and beyond for our hospice. She admitted to us, it has been a very rewarding position and she met many wonderful people. But above all, it is about what this hospice means to our community. Norma is sure that people are going to have the most wonderful care at Nipissing Serenity Hospice. It offers a homelike environment, so that life’s last journey is very peaceful, loving and calm, surrounded with loved ones. Everyone deserves to have dignity at the end of their life, care, and their family and friends with them any time or all the time.

With tremendous effort and generous donations, Nipissing Serenity Hospice is turning into a reality for our whole community because of Hospice Heroes like Norma. Norma hopes to see more of our community getting involved with a small monthly donation or by volunteering, because we need the ongoing support.

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