Philosophy of Care

The philosophy of care within a residential hospice setting is to provide care to residents with life-threating illness and their loved ones.

At the end of life, hospice care helps to improve resident’s quality of life by focusing on pain and symptom management and providing psychosocial and spiritual care.

Providing care to someone with a terminal illness is stressful and can be very exhausting. The hospice can help alleviate those stressors by providing care to the resident and support to their caregivers.

Palliative care:

  • Provides relief from pain and suffering
  • Recognizes the importance of mental health and provides support to residents.
  • Offers grief and bereavement counselling to family and friends
  • Regards dying as a natural process in life
  • Does not postpone death but provides comfort and relief for residents throughout the dying process

For more information contact:

Lindsey Jones, Manager of Hospice Services