Each room is furnished with:

Hillrom beds & Invacare have adjustable side rails with controls to put the head and feet up and down. The mattress is designed to provide pressure relief and will make sounds as the air pumps adjust. We will provide and launder Nipissing Serenity Hospice linen and bedding. You are encouraged to bring in your favourite blankets and pillows from home. We ask that all personal linen and bedding be laundered at home.

Telephone which can be used to place local calls. Outgoing long distance calls require a calling card. If you require financial assistance please inform the clinical team. All calls come through the reception desk, then the nursing station. Please let the clinical team know if you do not want to receive incoming phone calls.

Nurse call bell is located on the wall above the bed and is accessed by a cord that should be in your reach at all times. When you require assistance of any type please push the button at the end of the cord. This will alert the clinical team to come to your aid.

Day bed for the use of family members or visitors who wish to rest or sleep. When the Hillrom/Invacare bed, when in its lowest position, can be placed side-by-side to create one large bed. If you are using the day bed, please provide your own linen and bedding from home. If unable, a nurse may be able to provide some linen.

Mini Fridge to keep all your homemade snacks from your family and visitors. This mini fridge is stored in the bigger cabinet beside the day bed.

Bose Speaker that can play the radio or connect to any Bluetooth devices to play your favourite hit songs or your favourite radio station to keep up with the news.

Flat Screen Smart TV that comes with cable, Netflix (if they have their own account), Amazon Prime TV

Recliner lounge chair allows you or a guest to sit and relax. The chair swivels and reclines into a flat position.

Sitting chairs are available for visitor’s comfort. Ask the clinical team to get you additional chairs if needed. We ask that chairs from other areas (e.g. kitchen/family room or Community room) not be transferred into the resident’s room; this is related to occupational health and safety/infection control precautions.

Bedside table which has a lamp for soft lighting.

Over bed table for your convenience.

Internet Free WIFI is available; the clinical staff will provide you with a password.


Each room has:

Private ensuite washroom complete with sink and toilet.

Window which provides views of gardens, trees and bird feeders. Windows can be opened and, when closed, can be locked.

Climate Control The air conditioning thermostat dial is on the wall at the entrance of the room. Set desired temperature by rolling the dial on the top and fan speed on the side. The baseboard water heaters have an adjustable five level heating control. Turn the dial to set desired temperature. Clinical staff will be pleased to review these systems upon admission.



Residential Features:

Therapeutic Tub room a large spa-like tub room is available for the enjoyment of our residents, complete with music and towel warmers. It is located in the resident hallway across from room 129. A lift will transfer you into the tub. Some people find soaking in the tub to be relaxing and comforting. In the tub room there is a walk-in shower for resident assisted care.

The Linen Room Bed linens, blankets and nightwear are found in the linen room. Nursing staff will assist with obtaining linens. We kindly ask that you consider the cost and impact of maintaining the linen (laundry soap, staff time, hot water, hydro). Families are encouraged to bring in their own bed linens and towels during their stay.

Blanket Warmer warm blankets and towels are available in the “blanket warmer” found in the laundry room.

Please feel free to bring items that will make your room feel like your home away from home.  Personal items such as art, photos, blankets, and pillows are welcome.