What is a residential hospice?

Nipissing Serenity Hospice assists terminally ill or at end of life people to live with dignity and comfort in a place that feels like home.

We are a 10-bed facility providing individual rooms for the privacy and comfort of residents, as well as accommodation for family or friends if they choose to spend the night with their loved one. Our facility has been built in a natural and serene setting on 2.4 acres above Chippewa Creek surrounded by the Northern landscape. For additional comfort our hospice has:

  • Therapeutic bath
  • 3-Season screened porch
  • Accommodations for family or friends to spend the night with their loved one
  • Play area for children
  • Communal kitchen and dining facilities
  • Lounge area
  • Sacred spaces for prayer, ceremony and contemplation
  • Private family room
  • Boardroom for medical or family meetings

We provide 24-hour nursing care for pain and symptom management as well as social, psychological, spiritual and personal support. We also offer grief and bereavement counselling for family and friends.

The average resident hospice stay is an average of 11-17 days, it may be shorter or longer depending on the resident.


Philosophy of care

The philosophy of care within a residential hospice setting is to provide care to residents with life-threating illness and their loved ones.

At the end of life, hospice care helps to improve resident’s quality of life by focusing on pain and symptom management and providing psychosocial and spiritual care.

Providing care to someone with a terminal illness is stressful and can be very exhausting. The hospice can help alleviate those stressors by providing care to the resident and support to their caregivers.

Palliative care:

  • Provides relief from pain and suffering
  • Recognizes the importance of mental health and provides support to residents.
  • Offers grief and bereavement counselling to family and friends
  • Regards dying as a natural process in life
  • Does not postpone death but provides comfort and relief for residents throughout the dying process


Admission Process

We are here to support you when a cure is no longer possible and a palliative approach to care have been decided.  We will work with you to ensure that the admission process is stress free.

  • Speak to your loved one about hospice admission.
  • If you would like, arrange a tour.
  • Request an application be submitted to Home and Community Care Support Services (HCCSS) by your primary care provider.

Our team will asses eligibility and liaise with your loved one’s care team to arrange placement when appropriate.

Anyone, at any age, that has been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness with a life prognosis of less than 3 months can get admitted to our hospice.

If the admission criteria are met, a standard referral is completed for each prospective resident by a Home and Community Care and Support Services (HCCSS) Care Coordinator; which includes an assessment to determine eligibility for home care services.

Our Manager of Hospices Services will review the referrals and waitlist frequently throughout the day and notify HCCSS with respect to whether the resident is eligible or ineligible for a residential hospice bed.

Admission will be based on which individual has the greatest need and in accordance with the Residential Hospice Admission Priority Tool.

For more information in regards to getting admitted into the hospice visit our Admission Process page.


For more information contact:

Lindsey Jones, Manager of Hospice Services