There are 2 ways to sign our petition. 

  1.  You can go to the internet and log into and search for Nipissing Serenity Hospice or,
  2.   Go to our Facebook page at and click on the picture of the hospice and a window will open for you to enter your information.  See the information below.  We thank you for your support. We have a grand total of over 7,000 signatures!  Please share with your family and friends. 

Support the Nipissing Serenity Hospice Board of Directors in their mission to build an autonomous stand-alone Residential Hospice; a place where quality end of life care is honoured in a compassionate and holistic manner.

We recognize that we desperately need a Residential Hospice in Nipissing and East Parry Sound where the terminally ill of all ages, cultures and language, will find the comfort and tranquility of a home-like environment, rather than a busy acute care hospital setting.

Share our petition and have your voice heard.

appui le Conseil d’administration de la Maison Sérénité du Nipissing dans leur mission de construire une maison de soins palliatifs autonome. Un foyer ou la fin-de-vie est honoré et ou les mourants de tout âge, culture et langue seront traité avec compassion et dignité. Un autre chez-soi qui procurera confort et paix dans un milieu serein, au lieu du milieu bruyant d’un hôpital de soins aigus.

Nous reconnaissons le besoin urgent d’une maison de soins palliatifs pour desservir les patients en phase terminale de la région du Nipissing et Parry Sound Est.