Helen Truskoski

Helen Truskoski grew up in Creighton Mine, ON and her career evolved in Toronto, Sudbury, Moncton, N.B. and Ottawa before moving to North Bay in 2014. She is retired after a 35.5 year career in the Federal Public Service; 28 years with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Ten years were spent as an Internal Auditor in the Corporate Audit and Evaluation Branch (CAEB) that provides independent assurance services to improve overall efficiency, effectiveness and risk management practices throughout the Agency. Helen received an Outstanding Achievement award while performing her duties under extreme duress, and received a Dedication to Learning award for leading a team that designed and implemented a learning web-site for CRA Internal Auditors.

The stimulus to study palliative care resulted from her mother’s anguished death in hospital without the support that a palliative environment could have provided. Helen completed her palliative-care placement at the Ottawa Mission, which provides hospice care to people who would otherwise die on the streets. She graduated from Algonquin College, Ottawa, with a post-graduate certificate with honors, in Working with the Terminally Ill.

Helen is a volunteer with various North Bay organizations and is a member of the Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario, and the Ethics Practitioners Association of Canada.