Volunteer Testimonials

Thank you for choosing to dedicate your time and efforts, to supporting us in the services that we provide to our Residents and their loved ones. We are so grateful for our INCREDIBLE team of Volunteers! Scroll down to send us your experience or read about other volunteers' experiences!



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See what some of our current and past volunteers have to say about their experiences with us!


“Every single moment matters in some way to someone.  My own moments are more meaningful and purposeful for being a volunteer at Nipissing Serenity Hospice.”

– Laura P.

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Laura helping out in the kitchen. She also works with our décorations committee.


“Maple and I have been sharing golden retriever love and dog hair for a year and a half now. There have been many amazing interactions, we have met wonderful clients and care providers along the way. Every visit brings joy to sometimes residents and sometimes to staff but always to Maple and I. We sit a little taller in our seats every time we leave and drive home.”

– Butch B.


"I came on board six years ago because I knew a Hospice was needed in our area. I am so happy to see our dreams of our beautiful facility finally here. I’m personally happy to have been a part of the fundraising. It’s been very rewarding for many reasons. 😊"

– Darlene P.


"When the hospice was just an idea and I found out that the group was fundraising, I wanted to be a part of it and help out. Since the place opened, I want people to just to be able to understand the warm and homey environment it is - the staff is so welcoming and kind."

– Brenda H.

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Brenda in action as a volunteer. She helped with fundraising, special events and regularly in the kitchen.


"I wanted to volunteer someplace I was passionate about, and this is that place. I love volunteering and think of everyone as a friend. The facility is amazing and so is the staff!"

– Debby B.


"The people at the hospice don’t necessarily have a lot to look forward to and if I can provide a home cooked, fresh meal to put a smile on their faces, I am happy to do it. I wish more people knew what an incredible facility it is; from the meals to the Bluetooth speakers in every room to listen to your own music; everyone is friendly and it’s fun work."

– John E.


John serving up our soup at the annual Soup's On event. He also volunteers in the kitchen.


"The hospice is such an important gift to the people of North Bay and area and I wanted to be a part of it. My Dad passed away in the hospital and I wish he could have been in a more home-like setting with his family around him. This isn’t just a place of sadness.  It can be a place of shared memories and joy where residents can be surrounded by family, love and comfort."

– Kathy M.


"I was asked by a friend to join her in helping get a Hospice built in North Bay, and right from the start, I loved the role of Volunteer.  To see the DREAM become a Reality is so rewarding. The Hospice is a very special place and being a small part of the success makes my Heart sing."

– Norma B.

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Norma has volunteered in absolutely every area of the hospice and rarely says no if we need help!


"Of all the volunteering I’ve done, putting a smile on the face of a palliative resident has felt the most meaningful. The wonderful staff there are also very appreciative of the music I play. I always leave there feeling like my soul is happy and I encourage anyone to reach out and volunteer."

– Sam H.


"What a tremendous, essential facility it is for our community and surroundings. And having a dear friend take her final journey in December 2020 I can attest that the staff measured up far beyond my expectations. They give so much of themselves to our residents sincerely and from their hearts. Words are far from adequate when it comes to their dedication and caring. I find that giving back to my community is joyful. I am so thankful for the time I can give to the Hospice and hope that I can continue to do so."

– Sue R.

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